Creating During Change


CREATING DURING THE TIME OF CHANGE This series originally was to be an expressive record concerning the daily effects [ directly and indirectly ] of life under covid, and the transition into spring after a long Cleveland winter. That alone was enough for a series, but then came the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. All the artwork was done between March 7th and May12th with the exception of one done on May 27th. I did forty works during that time. All the works are dated. Two of the works are dated and also have a direct reference to the invasion of the Ukraine in their titles. It was a real pleasure to work in a series with the underlying concept of the uncertain and transitional times we life in now running through it. Uncertain and Transitional became the two key words for the artwork in this series.

All the works in the group exhibition at The Cleveland Print Room exhibition Creating During Change were to be Studies and not finished works. For my part some of the works are worked into more than others. This is to get them to the point that I'm satisfed just enough to stop working on them. Some could be pushed much further.

"Creating During Change (CDC) is a visual arts project centered around the idea of transition. In this time of great change, personally and collectively we are experiencing a pause. There is power in this pause to reflect upon issues as we navigate this liminality. Artists hold the possibility of hope in their consciousness and work by offering another kind of world in this time. Ten artists were asked to explore this theme, and change the way they think about creating, by presenting their process as their work, instead of submitting a final piece, as is traditionally expected. Join us for a gallery opening on June 11 from 1-3 pm at the Cleveland Print Room to view a unique presentation of their artistic processes. Artist Anselm Kiefer writes, "Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in hope that you will." The focus of CDC is on the process vs. the final product/destination. Selected artists will depict their artistic processes on this theme through a rare presentation of their work in progress. You will not want to miss this exhibition featuring: Jacqueline Bon & Michael Marefka, Austin (Walkin' Cane) Charanghat, Jess Fijalkovich, Katie Hitchings, Brandon Peck, Elizabeth Prindle, David Verba, and Emily Vigil. The exhibition will be on view in the CPR gallery through July 16 and will be displayed here on the CPR website." - The Cleveland Print Room